Hire talent with Sterning Group

Hire Purpose

We believe that all businesses should have a higher purpose. So, we've developed a number of programs to ensure we too are doing our bit.

We Take Our Social Responsibility Seriously

Whether it's donating funds to not-for-profits, raising awareness on climate change, or helping out organisations in need, our social conscience is something we proactively nurture. We'd love it if you got involved with Hire Purpose too.

Donating Much Needed Funds

We partner with eligible organisations to donate revenue for our services to charity.

Lending a Hand or Two

One day a month we head out together and lend a hand to organisations that are in need.

Other Charitable Initiatives

We're always looking to help out where we can. Got an idea? We'd love to hear about it.

Lend a Hand with Us

This month Sterning's Sydney team will be taking time out to do a clean-up of Double Bay beach.

Come Along Too

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved?

There are two ways to get involved. One is to help us out when we're lending a hand; the other is to partner with us for revenue donation.

Will you help out our NFP?

There's one way to find out! Drop us an email and let us know exactly what it is that you're after. We'll get back to you with an answer.

Who can I speak to about this?

The best person to speak to about this would be our CEO, Joseph Merz. You can contact Joseph by emailing him on joseph.merz@sterning.com and asking to organise a time to chat.

What types of NFPs do you support?

We support most kinds. We have a strong interest in those working to protect the environment, and also those focusing on community initiatives.

Can we partner to donate revenue?

We only partner with organisations that meet certain critera. The best way to find out if your organisation is eligible, is to contact us.