Hiring for the future? Why smart companies are choosing grads

Mark Harrison

As senior developers race to upskill in emerging technologies, smart employers are hiring graduate talent and producing specialists at a fraction of the cost.

Every new technology trend demands a new breed of worker with a specialist skillset. And now in 2017, the skyrocketing of artificial intelligence, machine learning and smart things is creating shortages of niche skillsets in emerging technologies.

Hiring for an intelligent future – what are smart companies doing?

Several years ago when demand for iOS skills exploded, established .NET and Java developers scrambled to upskill. However, once work-ready, these experienced professionals required senior-level salaries.

This meant that companies in these areas found themselves paying more than $100k for workers who effectively had the same level of expertise in a particular technology as a new graduate.

More strategically, some companies chose to hire and train fresh IT graduates – harnessing the energy of a younger demographic and paying entry-level salaries for the same specialist skillset.

“It’s a smart strategy in a smart-tech world.”
For emerging skillsets, it often makes sense to hire the best and brightest talent and train them in these technologies – rather than pay a senior-level salary for the same skillset.

From a recruitment standpoint, this year, I’m already seeing strong interest in new graduates from hiring managers looking to maintain capabilities at the forefront of emerging technologies.

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