S2E2. Wellbeing in uncertain times

With Emma Broadbent

Hear from Emma Broadbent, an HR and OD professional with knowledge and experience of supporting leaders and teams through times of uncertainty and change. Following the devastating Canterbury earthquakes in New Zealand, Emma implemented a wellbeing program. Its overwhelming success led to it being a finalist in the Best Health and Wellbeing Initiative Category for the Globally recognised CIPD, People Management Awards.

Now based in Australia, Emma will share her thoughts and top tips on Leadership and Wellbeing in relation to COVID-19.

Emma will cover:

  • Learning more and Leverage the COVID acronym
  • Accessing 5 Practical questions to open meaningful discussions
  • How you can leverage the 5 Winning Ways to Wellbeing to support your leaders and teams
  • What are the new rituals you will create to have a productive day
  • How do you connect with your tribe of people, team-mates, friends and family?

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