1998 called, they want your CV skills back

Sam Elderfield

Resume tip for software engineers: 1998 called they want your CV skills back!

It’s not a good idea to just list buzzwords in your skills summary unless you are experienced with them.

It’s not relevant if it’s a technology that you used 8 years ago on that one project you were apart of for a month.

It’s a waste of space on your CV. In today’s world where people’s time is valuable and people’s attention spans are waning, take the time and effort to make your CV relevant and standout to sell yourself.

It’s fine to list your tech skills at the top of a CV – keep it short and sweet and keep it relevant to your expertise and the type of job you are looking for.

For example if you are JavaScript Engineer – talk about the relevant technologies you have used to build interesting applications that you have extensive knowledge with. Simple.

Leave the J2EE and SQL work for your CV in the past.

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