Our people

Meet the incredible bunch who make up what we are, specialist recruiters and individuals who understand the importance of purpose.

Kathy Hamilton

+61 401 491 390

Kathy is the Financial Controller for the group and keeps all our accounts shipshape.

Claudia Koh

+61 402 735 373

Sharp as a tack, Claudia is the Personal Assistant to Joseph Merz.

Emma Egan

+61 434 403 425

Emma recruits across employee and industrial relations, generalist HR, and organisational development.

Paul Egan

+61 478 663 881

Paul recruits across logistics which covers OH&S, manufacturing and warehousing.

Nakul Pednekar

+61 430 327 094

Nakul recruits in the IT sector specialising in data science and analytics.

Paul O’Neill

+61 414 549 184

Paul specialises in all things construction and civil engineering.

Joseph Merz

+61 435 386 453

Joseph is the Founder and CEO of Sterning Group, and likes to get things done.

Sam Elderfield

+61 468 591 683

Sam recruits in the IT sector, and specialises in development, with a particular focus on JS.

Nick Berman

+61 402 066 397‬

Nick recruits across design and digital within agency, media and in-house environments.

Bianca Clifton

+61 422 335 638

Bianca recruits across generalist HR, organisational development, and employee and industrial relations.

Sam Suddese

+61 450 132 946

Sam recruits in sales across engineering, often with a focus on construction.