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Purpose webinars

The neuroscience of emotional intelligence

With Lori Tyrrell

Organisational psychologist and best selling author Adam Grant, studies how people find motivation and meaning. Ada ...

How to be successful at job interviews

With Angela Farmeary

Do you often get selected for a job interview only to lose out and never really understand why? Have you recently g ...

Is your commute dead?

With Isabelle Phillips

Five major forces are driving changes to our relationship to work-life. Amidst ongoing turmoil leaders must equally ...

How to make effective decisions (and cashews)

With Noa Rein

The field of human decision making is a fascinating one. We have a huge body of scientific evidence on how our brai ...

Why do we need women in tech?

With Emma Jones

This is a conversation for progressive HR and People & Culture leaders with practical and actionable insights i ...

The future of flex

With Vanessa & Penny

There's no doubt that COVID-19 has accelerated change in the workplace, some have said that 5 years of progress was ...

Surviving HR in 2020

With Helen Snowball

What a year it has been for HR Professionals. COVID-19 has well and truly catapulted HR into the spotlight as C- ...

Managing remote teams

With Adam Pond

Managing remote teams has brought about a unique set of challenges that for many organisations have been realised a ...

How to step up in your career

With Brent Lyster

It may seem like an obvious statement, but senior managers positively notice individuals who accept responsibility ...

Mental health in creative, media and marketing

With Andy Wright

In 2018, a study was conducted by Never Not Creative, Everymind and UnLtd to investigate mental health in the creat ...

The art of losing

With Alexandra Walters

Too often people beat themselves up due to losing a deal or a client, causing their confidence and clarity of thoug ...

What’s next in your career?

With Angela Farmeary

The last few months in self isolation have made many people reflect on why they do the job they do. What is the "wh ...

The importance of communication

With Dr Kaushik Ram

Dr Kaushik Ram is a visionary Neuroscientist that helps people to biologically unlock the intelligence of the heart ...

What makes a great workplace?

With Zrinka Lovrencic

What makes a workplace stand out as one of the best? Is it different today than a year ago? Is there data that indi ...

Wellbeing in uncertain times

With Emma Broadbent

Hear from Emma Broadbent, an HR and OD professional with knowledge and experience of supporting leaders and teams t ...

Emotional intelligence

With Fran Corrigan

Studies have found EQ to be the #1 predictor of professional success & personal excellence. In this Purpose Pod ...

Understanding agile HR

With Melissa Di Cristoforo

Agile HR is one of the trending terms for HR professionals, but have we got it all wrong? Melissa Di Cristoforo, an ...

How to identify risks

With Paul Gordon

Brand and reputation is everything and People and Culture can be the biggest risk to any business. Identifying thos ...

Managing an aging workforce

With Grace Westdorp

Grace Westdorp is the General Manager of Health, Safety and Wellbeing at Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety (WIS). Gr ...

Managing a toxic culture

With Franck Appleby

As much as we all hate to admit it, almost all organisations have some degree of toxicity in their culture - toxici ...

Understanding AI

With John Shea

We are at the beginning of a disruptive period of development in emerging technologies comparable to an industrial ...

Creating mentally healthy workplaces

With Dr Mark Cross

Join leading psychiatrist Dr Mark Cross, from the acclaimed ABC TV series 'Changing Minds'. Common mental health di ...

Indigenous culture and employment

With Ray Dixon

An outdoor, fireside discussion at the home of our founder, Joseph Merz. Joseph will be joined by Ray Dixon, a Mudb ...

A discussion on parental leave

With Rebecca Grainger

With one in two women experiencing pregnancy discrimination, it's a topic that needs to be addressed and who better ...

Digitising Merivale’s HR

With Kate Tones

Merivale is driven to deliver unique and memorable experiences to every guest who steps into one of their 70+ brand ...

Get your money sorted

With Ben Nash

Negotiated a raise? Or expecting one? You won't want to miss this session. Financial Adviser and founder of Pivo ...

Culture of the mind

With Elsa Pahnke

Elsa Pahnke has over 20 years organisational development experience, leading cultural transformation across Custome ...