Managing Absenteeism and Wellbeing in the Workplace: Part 1.

With Melodi James

Join Bianca Clifton in part one of a two-part series as she sits down with Melodi James to discuss Managing Absenteeism and Wellbeing in the Workplace.

Melodi is an accredited mediator and experienced leader in Human Resources and Employee Relations and has worked across a wide range of industries including engineering, medical technology, professional services, online services, and healthcare. Melodi has experience supporting Australian and multi-national companies ranging from 100 to over 100,000 employees and has held people leadership roles with responsibility for leading and growing large teams of skilled HR/ER practitioners.

Melodi’s expertise is in providing support for businesses and leaders to resolve employment issues and disputes, including hands-on experience in managing complex cases involving workplace conflict, performance management, grievance resolution, discipline management, medical capacity issues, and other employee and labour relations matters.

In this episode, Bianca and Melodi unpack how:

🎙️Absenteeism and wellbeing impact the workplace.
🎙️What the common challenges are for HR leaders in managing it.
🎙️How businesses can define and link absenteeism to employee relations and quantify what the actual cost to the business is – from wellbeing, to team dynamics, to organisational performance.

This episode is full of rich expertise, thoughtful discussions and key takeaways that we hope will inspire your practice as an HR professional. Follow the link to our Spotify page to listen and follow for new episodes.

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03:33 Overview of the state of employee relations in terms of absenteeism and wellbeing, and what is impacting this in workplaces.

12:10 Common challenges faced by HR leaders in managing absenteeism and promoting wellbeing in the workplace.

33:42 Defining absenteeism in ER and the Main causes of absenteeism, and trends/patterns that have been observed.

41:02 How does absenteeism impact wellbeing, team dynamics and organisational performance?

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