Me before you

With Alana Bennett

Being a Leader, of self and others, starts with you! And being connected to yourself allows you to understand the impact you have, allows you to connect to others and forms the foundation of a connected experience.

Knowing what you need in order to feel like you’re being the best version of yourself each day doesn’t just “happen”. We need to make conscious, informed choices to craft the life we’re grateful and proud to live each and every day.

When we have this foundation, it give us clarity about how we lead, impact and influence and it allows us to help others do the same.

Join Alana Bennett, self-proclaimed Human Experience Fanatic and Coach, for this fascinating webinar.

Alana is a wife, super proud parent of two boys, an avid baker, reader and connector. She is a firm believer of putting her own oxygen mask on first. Having the energy and space for present engagement with her passions, family and work, is integral to how she operates.

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