Why do we need women in tech?

With Emma Jones

This is a conversation for progressive HR and People & Culture leaders with practical and actionable insights into the case for having gender diversity on your company’s strategic runway.

P&C is traditionally the owner of D&I (#DEI) in most companies and, along with everything else (*all the things*) they have to drive and facilitate equitable programs for the whole company. And there are so many forms of diversity to be considered.

Where to start and why should gender be a priority? This conversation is going to answer that question and provide the business case to prioritise D&I.

In this interactive 60-minute session we’ll explore:

  • Why is gender diversity so important in technology and leadership?
  • What part do men have to play?
  • Where is the business benefit in having gender-balanced teams?
  • How the hell do we fix the diversity debt we’ve accumulated?
  • Are there even enough women in tech anyway? Isn’t it a zero-sum game?

Who will benefit from this session?

  • HR practitioners
  • People & Culture leaders
  • D&I specialists
  • Business leaders with technology teams
  • Technology leaders

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