Mental health in creative, media and marketing

With Andy Wright

In 2018, a study was conducted by Never Not Creative, Everymind and UnLtd to investigate mental health in the creative, media and marketing industry. The results were significant. More than half of the industry experienced mild to severe symptoms of anxiety and depression. These results caused a stir in people with a passion to make things better. The Mentally-Healthy Change Group was formed and has been working since then to educate, inform and address the perception of mental health.

Why is mental health a problem in the creative, media and marketing industry? What is being done to address it?

In this session we’ll hear from Andy Wright, creator of Never Not Creative (a community addressing the challenges facing the creative industry) and co-chair of the Mentally-Healthy Change Group. He’ll be sharing the very latest research from the 2020 Mentally Healthy study, what’s changed and what the group is planning to focus on in the future to continue to improve outcomes for people in the industry.

This session will include:

  • The latest Mentally-Healthy results (released this month)
  • Initiatives available to people in the industry
  • The role of leaders in organisations in addressing mental health

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