The art of losing

With Alexandra Walters

Too often people beat themselves up due to losing a deal or a client, causing their confidence and clarity of thought to be affected. Often their performance is consequently affected in the long-term, leading to rash and incorrect decisions. The negativity caused by one event can often flood into both their personal and private lives, and before they know it one loss has caused many others.

Meet Alexandra ‘AJ’ Walters, a retired professional tennis player (with a degree in Biochemistry) who spent over a decade on the International Tennis Tour, competing in over 30 countries. AJ will talk about the lessons she learnt while competing around the world and how these can be translated from professional athlete to business professional.

This session covers:

  • What are ‘good losses’ and ‘bad losses’?
  • Frequency of losing is not proportional to level of success
  • Fear of losing, performance anxiety, confidence and nerves
  • How to bounce back quickly and activate your resilience to allow you to prepare for the next opportunity
  • Separating work and your family/private life
  • Learning how to lose whilst maintaining professionalism

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