Debriefing with the CPO Episode 1

With Marieke Bruinstroop

Ever wanted to sit down with the CPO and ask them the poignant questions? Introducing our brand new Podcast series Debriefing with the CPO where we sit down with some very senior HR professionals in the industry today. Our first guest is Marieke Bruinstroop: CPO, leader, and amazing human. We ask Marieke some questions around how P&C can work with CEO’s and inspire leaders to be better.

Marieke is a highly accomplished and influential Chief People Officer with a proven track record of delivering business growth through exceptional organizational design and delivery. With a strong focus on cultural and business transformation, Marieke has successfully led senior executives and organizations through change and transition, fostering an engaging and inclusive workplace where individuals can thrive and contribute their best.

Marieke spent a major part of her career at FMCG multi-national P&G and has since worked at several private fast-growing businesses, most recently as Chief People Officer at Guzman y Gomez. Marieke’s experiences have spanned various sectors, including FMCG, health, and hospitality, across global, regional, and country teams. Currently, she works with several female tech founders to support them in their strategy and delivery of their growth, including at Elladex and TOTIUM. 

Marieke holds a Masters of Science in Sociology from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, and she is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Elladex Executive Circle.


00:40 How do you perceive the evolving role of the CPO/CHRO in high-growth environments, and what specific challenges does it entail when managing people and CEOs through change and growth?

04:09 What insights can you share about the culture and values necessary for successful growth as a CPO, and how can you influence leaders to foster and nurture those values within their organisations?

09:59 In your experience, what strategies or approaches have proven effective in establishing a solid partnership between P&C and the CEO in high-growth environments?

12:08 What critical leadership capabilities need to be developed in companies experiencing rapid growth?

16:29 Can you provide key considerations or best practices for attracting and retaining talent in fast-growing organisations?

19:08 How do you ensure that the organisational culture that propelled the company’s growth is preserved when expanding rapidly, and what steps can be taken to preserve it?

26:30 What metrics and indicators do you track to measure the effectiveness of HR initiatives and their impact on business growth?

29:56 When coaching a CEO, how do you help them develop a growth mindset and seize opportunities for personal and professional development?

32:40 What strategies have you found effective in managing people and CEOs through change and growth in maintaining a healthy equilibrium between long-term planning and addressing current demands?

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