Let’s talk about Flex

With Noa Rein

Sterning Purpose Podcast: Season 3, Episode 1.

We are back with a new season of episodes about all things HR. After a 3 year break, we kick-off this season with an open conversation about one of the biggest shake ups to the way we work.

One thing we are hearing as Human Resources experts at the moment is that flexibility is at the top of everybody’s list. In a recent poll conducted by Sterning HR, 59% of people came back and said that flexibility was at the top of their list when they are looking for a role, out of Flexibility, Money and People Development. We called in Noa Rein to engage in this topic with us.

Noa is an Executive Coach and an expert at designing workplaces that work for humans.

Noa is a seasoned Human Behavioural expert and self-confessed People Geek, trained in Organisational Psychology. Her experience working with humans in organisations ranges from senior strategic HR roles, executive coaching, consulting and academic research and education.

Her qualifications include a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology, and a M.Sc. in Industrial Psychology exploring the human impact in International Mergers and Acquisition. Noa was part of the PhD program at AGSM/UNSW where she researched and taught ethical decision making in organisations (thesis incomplete).

Beyond the official qualifications, Noa is endlessly curious and unapologetically passionate about creating a shared human experience in work places. The work Noa does is focused on transformational change, supporting and coaching both individual and large scale organisational change initiatives. Noa builds real world experiences through a  combination of deep human connection, behavioural design principles and application of evidence based practice.

Noa is the founder of Spark & Rumble Consulting. Spark & Rumble Consulting where she partners with individuals and organisations to design and transform for positive change. Together they design transformation that sticks, providing the space to spark critical thinking and rumble with challenging conversations.


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