Debriefing with the CPO Episode 2

With Angela Johnston

The second episode of the popular ‘Debriefing with the CPO’ series is here and our second guest is Angela Johnston – Chief People Officer at Achieve Australia. Achieve is a for-purpose community organisation that has been providing accommodation and services to people with disability since 1952. Achieve champion social inclusion, focusing on the individual needs and lives of the people they support.

Angela joined Achieve Australia as General Manager People Operations in 2021 and was promoted to lead our People Performance and Culture team in December 2022. 

An innovative and strategic HR leader, Angela started her career in human resources and industrial relations working for the Fair Work Ombudsman where she provided information on awards and employer obligations under the Fair Work Act to small and large businesses. 

During her more than a decade of experience working in the not-for-profit sector in Western Australia and NSW, Angela has held senior HR roles at MercyCare, CatholicCare and Ability Options. She has considerable experience and knowledge across most facets of workforce management including talent acquisition and retention, employee relations, HR strategy and workforce planning, remuneration and benefits, work health and safety, a range of systems and processes and change management.

Angela holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Environmental Studies, which she completed at the University of Notre Dame Australia on scholarship. She also completed post graduate study in employment law at Curtin University.

Listen in as Emma Egan asks Angela Johnston some questions around leading HR functions to foster employee engagement and positive workplace culture, HR technology and transformational change, supporting multi-disciplinary workforces, and her thoughts on the future of work and its impact on HR practices.

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03:32 In your experience overseeing a broad spectrum of HR functions, what strategies have you found most effective for fostering employee engagement and creating a positive workplace culture? Can you share any specific initiatives or programs that yielded remarkable results?

08:01 As an innovative HR leader, how do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in HR technology? Could you highlight any particular HR tech tools or platforms that have significantly impacted streamlining HR processes or improving employee experience?

13:12 Transformational change within organisations can be challenging. Could you share a case where you successfully led a cultural or technological change initiative, and what strategies did you employ to ensure smooth adoption and acceptance by employees?

18:40 With your experience in leading HR functions across diverse industries, what are some key insights or lessons learned that you believe every HR professional should be aware of when effectively managing and supporting a multi-disciplinary workforce?

21:10 As a strategic thinker and HR leader, what are your thoughts on the future of work and its impact on HR practices? How do you see emerging trends such as remote work, automation, and AI shaping the HR landscape, and what steps should HR professionals take to adapt and thrive in this evolving environment?

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