The importance of communication

With Dr Kaushik Ram

Dr Kaushik Ram is a visionary Neuroscientist that helps people to biologically unlock the intelligence of the heart, restoring the connection between brain and body.

Sounds a bit woo-wha? It’s not. Kaushik, who currently works at Sydney University’s Brain and Mind Research Institute also coaches high-performing individuals, groups and corporate teams.

Dr. Ram uses techniques that allow people to manage stress and fear by training the nervous system instead of relentlessly attempting to calm the brain.

In this webinar Kaushik breaks down what happens to us neurologically when we are faced with an important task where we may struggle to communicate.

Kaushik covers:

  • How your mind and body’s state impact your ability to communicate.
  • What happens to different parts of the body’s systems and how they are impacted when you are faced with an important conversation
  • What you can do to put yourself in a different state that will allow you to thrive in the conversation and unlock your full potential to communicate and influence others

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