Impact Leadership

With Charlotte Rose

As leaders, how often do you reflect and act on the impact you are having on your teams and the people around you?

In a brand new episode of our Purpose Podcast, Emma Egan MRCSA chats with Charlotte V Rose, CPCC. Charlotte is a Professional Coach, NLP Master and Trainer, L&D Specialist & Change Management Practitioner. She has 15 years of experience as a leadership & performance coach across 30 countries.

Pop in your headphones and be ready to find yourself captivated and inspired as Charlotte delivers her expertise on impactful leadership in a post-COVID world, from the positive results of being vulnerable leaders to the impact of intentional leadership.

02:22 What are the changed expectations and needs of leaders in today’s world (post covid)? How are flexibility, compassion, and genuine care playing a role?

11:46 How does a whole person view impact leadership effectiveness? Why is it important for leaders to consider the holistic well-being of their team members?

18:36 Can you discuss the significance of vulnerability and psychological safety in effective leadership, and how can leaders create an environment that encourages open communication and risk taking?

27:14 How does coaching capability contribute to effective leadership? How can leaders develop their coaching skills to empower and support their team members?

35:43 How can leaders focus on work/life harmony, purpose and career development for their employees?

37:35 Why is intentional leadership impact important? How can leaders ensure that their actions and decisions positively and meaningfully impact their teams and organisations?

44:05 What are some experiential activities that can help nurture future leaders?

50:35 What unique development strategies can empower women to use their voices in leadership roles effectively? How can organisations support the advancement and growth of female leaders?

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