How to make effective decisions (and cashews)

With Noa Rein

The field of human decision making is a fascinating one. We have a huge body of scientific evidence on how our brain works and how to live your best life.

The bookshelves are crammed with glossy self-help books beckoning to our future selves. LinkedIn sends you 7 ways to be the best you. 6 ways successful people behave differently. 13.8 ways to be more effective. You read them all, letting that meeting prep wait. You are, after all, engaging in self-development.

All that knowledge and we still get surprised by Christmas. We work too hard and forget to prioritise rest. We have an extra serve of chips to make up for missing the gym session we never booked. And my all-time favourite, losing sleep because Netflix made me do it.

What is going on? And what does it have to do with cashews?

Find out the answers to those questions and much more in this free 1-hour session with organisational psychologist, Noa Rein.

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