Understanding AI

With John Shea

We are at the beginning of a disruptive period of development in emerging technologies comparable to an industrial revolution. In this foundational and exciting period, there’s so much buzz and hype around Artificial Intelligence. But here’s the thing – why has AI had such a slow uptake within organisations?

The answer is quite simple, AI conversation is predominantly controlled by researchers and software developers, not by management, boards or board members aka the decision makers.

Decision makers within companies are rarely informed, empowered or educated when it comes to AI. There is a disconnect, and this presentation looks to bridge that gap, bringing decision makers up to speed with AI.

In this powerful session, we’ll cover:

  • Clearing the hype and hysteria around AI
  • How and why AI is disruptive
  • How AI is driving innovation
  • How you can jump on board the AI train
  • How AI projects are run
  • Some things to be careful of when bootstrapping AI projects and teams

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