Surviving HR in 2020

With Helen Snowball

What a year it has been for HR Professionals.

COVID-19 has well and truly catapulted HR into the spotlight as C-Suites & business leaders all around the world turn to their HR function to help keep employees healthy; morale high; oversee a historic remote-work experiment; manage costs; and help design the ‘new’ normal of work to name but a few deliverables.

Most HR professionals are currently feeling a mixture of exhilaration to be in such high demand, and sheer exhaustion due to increased workloads, with no downtime & the anxiety around how long COVID-19 will last, & how they will continue to get their people & themselves through it!

There is no silver bullet to these challenges, but if you want to hear Helen Snowball (JLL APAC CHRO) thoughts & top tips on how to thrive and not just survive COVID-19 as a HR professional then register below.

During this session Helen will cover:

  • The elevated role of HR during COVID-19 & practical tips on how to manage increased workloads & competing priorities
  • The impact of COVID-19 on HR professionals & the importance of managing your own self-care and mental well-being
  • Practical tips on how to thrive and not just survive COVID-19, and leave your legacy as a HR Professional

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