The Future of Flex: Understanding Flexible Working and What it Means for Your Business and Employee Retention

With Francine and Ben Balestrieri

Learn about the benefits of flexibility and how to make it work for your organisation. In this episode, Bianca Clifton speaks with Francine and Ben Balestrieri, co-founders of WE: People Considered Together, a future-of-work HR consultancy. They share their insights on the importance of flexibility, the challenges of returning to the office, and best practices for implementing flexible work arrangements.

Francine is an experienced People and Culture Director, with extensive experience in driving organisational transformation and leading People and Culture teams across the HR spectrum. With experience across various industries and in both international and domestic contexts, Francine possesses a deep understanding of the diversity this brings and is committed to engaging companies with a more human-centric approach to enhance business performance. Francine is known for her pioneering future-of-work solutions, which have garnered recognition for promoting workplace equality and achieving high rankings in Best Places to Work lists. Her mission is to enrich the employee journey, elevate individual and team performance, and change the way we approach overall organisational effectiveness. 

Ben is a results-oriented professional with a well-established track record of driving organisational growth and transformation. Boasting extensive experience in leadership, strategy, and operational excellence across diverse industries, his core expertise lies in harnessing data-driven insights and championing innovative solutions to tackle complex challenges. As a dynamic and strategic thinker, Ben brings a unique blend of leadership, a human-centric approach, and an unwavering commitment to excellence to every client and assignment. With a clear vision, adaptability, and a passion for continuous improvement, he leads the way in creative approaches to bringing the organisational strategy to life, taking every person on the journey and supporting learning in the process.

Together, as Co-Founders and Directors of “WE: People Considered Together,” a future-of-work HR consultancy, Ben and Francine combine their distinct expertise to closely collaborate with organisations. They evaluate each company’s People & Culture maturity, and create innovative, aligned strategies through design thinking and genuine partnerships.

Join Bianca, Francine, and Ben as they discuss the following: 

🎙️Defining Flexibility

🎙️Benefits of Flexibility

🎙️Building a Strategy for Flexible Work

🎙️Best Practices for Implementation

This episode is full of rich expertise, thoughtful discussions and key takeaways that we hope will inspire your practice as an HR professional. 

02:21-How do we define flexibility in today’s rapidly evolving work landscape?

05:04- What are the benefits of flexible working arrangements for both employees and organisations?

35:25- How should organisations approach building a strategy for flexible work and what are the best practices for implementing such arrangements?

49:16- How to contact Francine and Ben


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