A candidate you need to know about

Emma Egan

A little unorthodox I know, but I have this really great candidate you need to know about…

I’ve been working with this particular candidate for a number of years and the feedback has always been exceptional!

This person is a strategic thinking, creative, and results-driven Human Resources professional who has extensive experience running change projects to enable business strategy. They are a leader with a strong values set who is recognised for their courageous and disruptive thinking that has a positive impact on the people and business they support.

Specialist in:

  • HR leadership
  • Complex project & change management
  • Leadership
  • HR strategy
  • Talent management
  • Cultural change
  • Employee engagement
  • Coaching
  • HR tech

If you need a Human Resources expert for your Human Resources change project and are interested in meeting with this candidate, call me on 0434 403 425 for a confidential discussion.

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