Joseph Merz

On the 21st of November I will be moving to New Zealand. I will still be actively involved in all of my organisations, including Sterning.

In the upcoming months, I will be appointing Emma Egan as Managing Director of the group and at that time moving into the position of Chairman of the newly appointed Sterning Group board (I will still own the company).

This is the right step forward for Sterning for a number of reasons.

I believe one of the contributing factors to my so-called success in business has been that I’ve always played to my own strengths and weaknesses. One of my main strengths is starting businesses and bringing them through major change. However, once things start to settle, there are others who have far greater strengths than mine in people management and overseeing the day to day, and so on.

As a group we’ve demonstrated that our unique model works; we’ve demonstrated it can enrich people’s lives; we’ve demonstrated it boosts an individual’s chance of success in business in Australia about 17-fold*; and we’ve demonstrated that there’s more to business than an obsession with profit or growth.

We recently announced we’ll be rolling out a traditional model alongside our licensing model. The addition of the traditional model will allow the Sterning model to settle as a ‘hybrid’ of sorts where recruiters can join as an employee and build their business until they’re ready to transition into their own license.

Beginning in January, it will be the last major change planned for the group and will improve a number of things within the model. It will bring far greater consistency to our operational structure (think Purpose events etc); it will improve retention; and boost a licensee’s chance of success in their own business even more.

I will remain in my role as CEO to see this final transition through, which I believe should be complete by the end of next year. It’s at this point that I will be appointing Emma as Managing Director and I’ll be taking my position as Chairman of the board.

Emma has proven herself to be one of the most commercially astute individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only that, but she has a heart far bigger than most. She truly understands my vision for Sterning and has been able to compliment it with her own additions.

She has all the skills required to bring this to fruition and I’m incredibly excited to watch it happen.

Thank you to every single one of you who has shown us support over the past 6 years. Whether it’s been a like, an application, a message, a phone call, attending a Purpose event, or something else – you’ve contributed to our ongoing vision of a sustainable, ethical and hugely distributive recruitment group.

I’m looking forward to the future.



*Based on startup success rates according to research carried out Blue Chilli Australia

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