Candidate shortages for Sydney sales jobs

Chris Hunter

A high number of vacancies is changing the way sales jobs are recruited – with big implications for employers and sales professionals.

This year, the high volume of sales jobs posted online is posing fresh challenges for employers and candidates. Employers are finding it hard to attract a decent number of qualified applicants. And for sales professionals, filtering through opportunities to choose the best career move is almost a full-time job in itself.

The challenges of advertising sales jobs online

Did you know that when a Sydney sales job is posted online, by the end of the day it’s often 15 pages down in the general search results – or lower? The market has reached a point where online advertising no longer delivers the right person in an acceptable timeframe. And although LinkedIn used to be the go-to solution for sourcing talent, a new trend has also emerged: top sales candidates changing their LinkedIn profiles to refuse new invitations.

How has this affected recruitment?

Put simply, sales professionals have more choice these days. As a result, they are more focused than ever on finding the best role, not just a better salary. Factors like work/life balance, flexible hours and remote working are a priority. Recruiters are spending more time filtering opportunities to match skillsets, experience and cultural fit.

And for employers, the pressure to compete for the right applicants has never been higher.

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