Culture that empowers growth

Sam Elderfield

Last week I was fortunate enough to catch up with a dear friend of mine Jason Fischer, Head of Development at Bambora. Jason faced a lot of interesting challenges when he entered the business that we explore in this conversation. Jason and I discussed what’s important to build a culture that works in a successful tech business.

Some of these takeaways include:

  • The hiring process that the business went through from scaling a team from 8 people to 30 in 6 months.
  • Moving the tech stack from old legacy technology to products that would attract the right talent.
  • Not selling rainbows and unicorns to people who you bring onboard.
  • Looking at how people approach problems as opposed to getting the right answer.
  • Introducing a “no blame culture” and encouraging curiosity.

If you like you can preview the following themes here:

8:00 – Keeping Culture, what idea of the culture was
12:15 – Leading a recruitment drive that builds employee retention in the tech space
14:07 – Being aware of the responsibility there is as a leader and what happens when you grow
16:09 – The no blame culture
17:56 – The importance of having curiosity
19:33 – Summary of what it takes

Hope you enjoy this one guys. Please let me know your thought and comments below. Big thanks to Jason for his time and insight in to how he gets things done!

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