Fresh Start Effect

Emma Egan

Have you heard of the Fresh Start Effect? This is the intrinsic motivational power of a fresh start – the Worton School of Business has studied this, and you can read more about it here – it’s worth the read if you love the science of how our brains work.

Some of the most inspiring people take the time to reflect, plan and move forward with positive action. When was the last time you did this for you? One thing that many people we work with lament over, is the ability to prioritise themselves. It is easy to get caught up in the hustle of everyday life. Try tapping into the fresh start effect to become more strategic and proactive with your own personal goals. The new year is a perfect time for this.

One person that has inspired me to consider this more is my partner in Business, Bianca Clifton. Bianca and I have worked together for many years now, and her ability to hold space to grow and see different perspectives is something I admire. Who do you find inspiration in?

Coming up to the end of the year is the perfect time to implement the Fresh Start Effect.

Have you taken a moment to reflect on what has been and given yourself the space to imagine what could be? Are you ready to put a new plan in place? It’s never too late to see things from a different perspective.

Consider a few things:

  • How has the year progressed for you?
  • Are you happy with where you’re at?
  • Are you happy with your current career projection?
  • Is there a skill or area of development you want to master?
  • Are you looking after your health and well-being?
  • Do you want to start a new hobby?

Now is a great time to think about what you want to achieve in 2023.

Setting goals gives you direction and focus and lets you put things in place to achieve them. Imagine yourself doing the harder part of reaching your dreams every day, failure is inevitable along the way, don’t give up – trick your brain into working for you, not against you.

If you are still determining where you are in your HR career, talk to us, we would love to help. Chat soon, Emma, Bianca and Sarah.

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