Himalayan holiday to Dry July

Nakul Pednekar

The last time I sat down to write one of these I’d just returned from an extended holiday and was refreshed and ready to knuckle down. To be honest, it’s been a rocky few months, but things are on the way up now. I’m working with an exciting startup to grow out their Analytics team and a global media agency who are expanding their Dev team.

At Sterning we’re running regular meetups and I’m starting to speak to Startup co-founders, data scientists and engineers about a new idea I’ve got too. It’s added depth to my relationships with both candidates and potential clients and I’m really interested in learning more about the tech startup space in Sydney so this will be a great start.

On a personal note, I’m doing Dry July to see the impact of a sober month can have on my health (and the savings don’t hurt either!) My immediate family has been affected by cancer so I’ll be making a donation at the end of the month. Oh, and I got a tattoo for my birthday recently. I’ve received a mixed reaction about it, mostly disbelief and disapproval. But this was for me. They are a combination of initials, numbers (in English and Marathi, my mother tongue) that represent the key things in my life: my wife, my family and my passion for sport.

Hope you found this an interesting read and as always, if you’re involved in the data science and analytics industry whether you’re looking for a role or to grow out your team feel free to reach out to me on nakul@sterning.com or 0430 327 094. I also have a $500 referral bonus for most roles as well.

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