Holidaying near the Himalayas

Nakul Pednekar

I’m still saying “Happy New Year” & “How was your summer?” which might seem a bit odd, but I’ll explain myself here! After a quiet end to the year at work, I traveled through India for two months from mid-December. To keep it short – this is how my journey went. Sydney to Dubai to Delhi to Goa to Mumbai back to Delhi, through 3 different states to Himanchal Pradesh (near the Himalayas) back to Mumbai and then Sydney!

I can’t single out one highlight from the trip, but it was just as memorable (and long!) as it sounds. Spending a week traveling through to India to experience the many rituals that go along with an Indian wedding, seeing my extended family all in the one city for possibly the last time and the party-mad Goa & the views of Himanchal Pradesh were life-changing experiences.

It’s been a month since I’ve been back now and I’m still refreshed and feel rejuvenated to attack the year ahead. Recruitment can be really rewarding but it also can be a mood dampener when people just aren’t picking up your calls, interviews just don’t go your way or people let you down when you least expect it. To the recruiters trying hard to hit your targets, the candidates desperately looking for their next opportunity or the hiring managers needing to hire to avoid staying at work till midnight; just remember what comes around, goes around – so please treat each other with respect!

The Data Science & Analytics market is always maturing in Sydney. If you are looking for a new role, build out your team or would like to refer someone in your network to roles I’m recruiting for, I’d love to hear from you. Best of luck everyone!

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