How to make the most of working with us

Sarah George

So it happened.
You applied for a job and we got back to you!
Or, we sent you a message about “a great opportunity”.
Either way, I get it: sometimes it can feel like you have been picked out of a crowd of millions – literally. The ‘great opportunity’ really seems like it aligns to your career goals or the change you are seeking, and you want to know more about it. So what happens next? You are curious and now we want to have a deeper conversation with you. You have no idea what the conversation is supposed to be about, and you’re curious but also a little clueless – and that’s okay! Let’s walk through the process together. I will also give you some hot tips along the way.

Getting to know you
We will always look through your CV before giving you a call. If we think the skills (both technical and soft skills), experience, and sometimes industries you have outlined in your CV or LinkedIn profile, align to the role you have applied for or we are sourcing for, we will be in touch. We don’t just take things at face value, however Hot Tip Number 1 is to ensure your CV is grammar and spelling mistake-free. It sounds simple but mistakes in CV’s is something we see more often then we like to!

When we talk to you, we have a few questions in mind: Why did you apply for the role? Can you demonstrate the technical and soft skills you have articulated in your CV with examples? What are your career goals, and how does the role fit into those goals? Hot Tip Number 2 is to keep in mind that our phone conversations with you are not just a pre-screen, it is an interview and the better you can articulate how you executed the responsibilities in your role, the better the picture you have painted for us is that helps us to understand how you work day to day in your role, and whether your actual demonstrated experience could work well in the role we are talking to you about. Hot Tip Number 3 is to be as honest as you can with your recruiter. We are here to help you achieve the goals you have outlined to us. The more information you give to us, whether it be the type of team you are looking for and organisation, where you can travel for work, your current salary and your salary expectations, or whether you are in the process of another role, the better we can tailor our relationship with you to your circumstances. We love to build relationships with our candidates and people and the more we know about you, the easier it is for us to align a role to you and your career goals.

But what if the role is not for you?
Whether it doesn’t align with your goals or progression, if that particular role is not for you, it isn’t the end of the road – or the end of our relationship! It is only the beginning. Hot Tip Number 4 is to keep in touch with us because granted we will be in touch with you too. Because we have had a great conversation and we understand what you want your next move to look like, if we have another opportunity come through that we think you may be interested in, we will be on the phone to you straight away!

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