Learning to recruit

Tom Atherton

Hi everyone, my name’s Tom and I’m in my first month of being a Recruitment Consultant at Sterning! My very first office job could not be less intimidating or more inviting. The team here at Sterning is super friendly, diverse and welcoming. Located in the suburb of Surry Hills, an area of centrality and culture, work-life blends with style seamlessly that can be seen in the people and the businesses. Vintage clad, pierced and tattooed arms carry trendy 70’s-esque coffee cups from bustling streets to green parks, much to my amusement and my own partaking.

My background is rooted in the island state of Tasmania, from the southern and capital city, Hobart. Spending 18 laps of the sun hanging off the edge of Earth before moving to the significantly warmer city of Sydney. I enrolled at Macquarie University to study a double degree of psychology and marketing and have been taking my sweet time in getting it done, albeit (hopefully) only a year to go! As a consequence of living in Sydney I picked up surfing and moving to Manly after a couple years out near Ryde has only exacerbated my addiction for the sport.

My work experience has been heavily invested in hospitality for the past five years working anywhere from pubs and rooftop bars, busy nightclubs and cocktail bars, the journey of which has been nothing short of a magnitude of friendship and enjoyment. Despite this, the seas of bartending may be drying up beneath me as new horizons are explored. Wherever the winds do take me, I arrive a guest, yet will never forget the skills I’ve crafted, or the friendships forged from my years behind the bar!

We specialise in recruiting in the data science & analytics (DSA) market in Sydney. So, whether you’re a candidate looking for a new opportunity or a company looking to grow out their capability – feel free to reach me on Tom.Atherton@Sterning.com or 0409 797 694. We have $500 referral bonuses on most roles and are currently recruiting for Permanent Data Science roles between $100- 130k and contract Campaign Analytics roles so feel free to reach out to us.

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