Parenting and business

Joseph Merz

Unless you’re a parent, it’s difficult to understand the level of responsibility that comes with being one.

It’s hard. Seriously hard. Possibly the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But it’s also the most rewarding. For me it was like discovering a whole new level of love that I had no idea even existed in me. It’s amazing. And the level of responsibility is out of this world.

All of that can make it incredibly difficult for parents to take the plunge into their own businesses. Finance. Setup time. Start up success rates. Did you know that according to BlueChilli, startup success rates in Australia are around 5%? For the record, our licensee startup success rate is somewhere between 88% and 91%… Not to blow our own trumpet (OK, maybe just a little).

I often tell people how I started my first business when I was sixteen. So, short of one brief stint, I’ve worked for myself since I was a teenager.

The freedom, the focus, the happiness, the time, the finance – I truly believe everyone should have that. Everyone on this planet is entitled to that level of freedom and fulfilment.

My point is, if you’re a parent and a recruiter, and you want your own business but really don’t feel like you can afford to take the risk – find me on LinkedIn and get in touch.

You are why I started Sterning.

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