Sterning rolls up its sleeves

Joseph Merz

16 April 2018: The Sterning Group Australia today announced that it’s flexing its muscles and expanding its reach to include blue collar workers.

The new division is called Sterning Logistics. And if you’re an employer or a blue-collar worker ready to clock on, Sterning Logistics says, “let’s get things rolling”.

Sterning Logistics is looking to match people interested in doing temp or contract work with employers offering the same. Whilst the new division’s emphasis will be on logistics and warehousing, it also includes manufacturing.

Sterning Group founder and CEO Joseph Merz is excited about entering a space that’s undergoing dramatic changes. “We want to talk to people engaged in the technology that’s redefining work in these important sectors” he said. “For us this new direction is not quite as left field as it may seem. There’s a good fit between Sterning Logistics and the reputation we’ve already built up with Sterning IT”.

The Sterning business model is unique in that each of its recruiters is an owner/operator.

“When you’re talking to one of our people you’re talking to someone who has a real stake in the outcome of negotiations” said Mr Merz.

“We believe you’ll sense the difference. There’s a higher level of care in relation to both employer and employee”.

Paul Egan is to head up the launch of Sterning Logistics. “Paul’s just the person for the job” said Mr Merz “because he has a wealth of experience, and insider knowledge of both recruitment and logistics”.

“I see the challenges facing both employer and employee with the need for both a secure workforce and clear job opportunities. My drive within Sterning Group is to provide the level of service to the manufacturing and logistics sectors and the comfort needed to give workplace stability, whilst continuing to provide employers and employees with insights into the changing practices in the workplace” said Mr Egan.

The Sterning Group currently offers six speciality services: IT, HR, Healthcare, Sales, Engineering and now Logistics.


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