Thought of the week

Paul Egan

Every day we face a challenge – some small some big. For some it’s going to work – for others it’s finding work, some its relationships, health and the list goes on. For each challenge there is a solution and the real challenge is being able to realise the path before us.

One of my favourite quotes comes from the movie “Dumb and Dumber”. The characters Lloyd Christmas (played by Jim Carrey) and Harry Dunne (played by Jeff Daniels) are two kindly but dim-witted men and best friends who at the end of the movie are confronted by a very interesting opportunity.

After their hilarious “misadventures” Harry and Lloyd are seen walking home. Long story but all of the items they bought (including a sport car) have been confiscated and their original transport, a mini-bike, has broken down. The two unknowingly decline their big chance to be “lackeys” and travel with a “Hawaiian Travel Tour Bus” doing a national tour. On sending the bus on its way and continuing walking back home Harry tells Lloyd that they will get their “break” one day.

So learn the trick to just take a moment to look at the opportunities in front of us every day and choose to see them. Don’t be a Harry and Lloyd and miss the bus – open your mind to the possibilities.

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