Two year anniversary

Nakul Pednekar

Yesterday marked my two year anniversary at Sterning IT. I want to take this chance to say a genuine “thank you” to the clients that have given me the opportunity to recruit for them. You can’t guarantee that someone joining your team will always work out but personally, I aim to manage both sides of the relationship to ensure that my effort and integrity is never doubted. Some of you have gone above and beyond to get us on board to work with your company. Running my own business, this has a significant impact on me and my family’s quality of life, so for your efforts I’ll forever be thankful and hope to keep doing a great job for you. And to all the wonderful candidates that have interviewed through us, you’ve allowed me to work with some of my favourite companies in Australia – so thank you!

Now on to the Data Science & Analytics market in Sydney. The candidates run the market right now. I know it, clients know it and the candidates definitely know it! Yes their skills are highly sought after and 10-20% pay rises are common for most candidates moving jobs but it astounds me how often I hear hiring managers say they’re “struggling to see relevant CVs” or “we just can’t find anyone in our budget”. Whether it’s recruitment agencies misguiding their clients or internal recruiters flicking through CVs off a Seek ad and blindly listening to candidates’ “expected salaries” – these are worrying signs for the market. Every company has their own set of circumstances, as a boutique, specialist business – we can take the time to understand that and find you the right person.

We’re currently offering a $1000 referral bonus for successful placements and $200 even if your referral gets an interview but misses out on the job! Data Scientists, Data Analysts & Campaign Analysts (from Junior-Mid to Senior Manager level) are the most common roles we recruit for. If you’ve read this far surely you think I’m a half-decent person so feel free to share our details with your friends or touch base directly if you’re open to finding out more about the market!

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