Using a specialist recruiter

Emma Egan

Having worked in recruitment for more than 15 years (eek!), I’ve seen big changes as the industry has evolved. Although new technologies allow more choice than ever before, one thing hasn’t changed – specialist recruitment agencies still offer an advantage when it comes to choosing your next career move, or finding your ‘unicorn’ – the perfect candidate.

Why use an agency to recruit candidates?

As recruiters, we talk to hundreds of people each month. I’ve worked with literally thousands of organisations and SMEs, and have in-depth knowledge of their workplace cultures. This breadth of experience gives agency recruiters the insight to align candidates with the right roles, not just by skillset but by shared values and cultural fit.

As recruitment thought-leader Greg Savage has noted; “Even great internal recruiters can never do as good a job for candidates as great agency recruiters do. Never. Ever. And that’s simply because internal recruiters are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to supporting candidates in their job search.”

Agency recruiters have networks built over years and a knowledge base spanning multiple organisations. This informs an expert perspective that’s much broader than the view from inside just one organisation.

Why use an agency to find a job?

Searching for jobs on SEEK doesn’t grant you the level of personal attention and insight that recruiters can add to the job search experience. Specialist recruiters follow individuals throughout their entire careers, so develop a better understanding of each person’s emotional and personal motivations.

Specialist recruiters also know the ins and outs of job responsibilities in different companies. A Human Resources Manager in one company might be equivalent to a HR Director role in another. We also understand what makes people thrive and succeed in various work environments – so we can match you to the organisation that will truly add value to your work and personal life.

At the end of the day, passion is what drives us recruiters, and we truly want to help people and organisations find their unicorn… or perfect match!

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