What are you worth in data?

Nakul Pednekar

The market has been absolutely mental in the first quarter of 2019! Even though every Digital/IT/Arts student now calls themselves a “Data Scientist” even if all they’ve done is watch a Youtube video on Microsoft Excel hacks, there are some absolute gems in the market. Whether you’re a candidate looking to see what you’re worth or a client wanting to know what you should expect at certain salary levels, feel free to get in touch to get a better grasp of the market.

If you’re a candidate – be clear on where you fit into the market. Are you an IT candidate? Are you a Data Analyst (SQL, Viz tools, basic analysis)? Or are you a Data Scientist (Working with Python and R, exposure to modelling/machine learning etc). It’s okay if you’re working on getting there, but be clear of where you’re at and include some online courses or Hackathons you’ve been a part of in 2019 to show where you’re looking to go!

If you’re a hiring manager – reach out to your recruiter(s) to get a true reflection of the market. It stuns me how often clients are unaware of the amazing talent that’s out there in the market. Just because Seek/Linkedin job ads dish up candidates that are more SQL Developer than Data Scientist most of the time doesn’t mean that the true Data Scientists/Analytics candidates aren’t out there. That’s what we’re here for!

We’re currently recruiting for Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Campaign Analysts & Data Analysts with a strong reporting/viz background. The roles range from between $100-180k and are across the CBD, North & Western Sydney. We’ve got a $500-1000 referral bonus for most roles, feel free to contact us at nakul@sterning.com or apply to our roles directly.

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