What makes a good administrator?

Samantha Philpot

Here are a few to skills that make a good administrator based on my recruitment experience speaking with candidates and clients in this space.

  • Strong interpersonal skills. They are naturally good with people, building rapport easily and quickly, with a wide range of personalities.
  • They are organised and structured. They know how to manage changing tasks, especially with conflicting priorities, and on behalf of other stakeholders.
  • They have a wide and varied vocabulary. This means they can speak the same language of different level stakeholders, which includes articulating complex information.
  • They have strong foresight. They can predict potential change and mitigate risks before they happen.
  • Proactive. They’re always one step ahead of you. They can often tell you what you’re thinking before you say it. They can put plans in place preemptively to make a schedule or event run smoothly.
  • They can adapt themselves to their surroundings, people, and situations. They know where the line is. They know where the buck stops, and when to push back. They can be firm but fair, and achieve a democratic outcome.

Any more to mention? I’d love to hear what’s important to you.

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