Head on with self-reflection

Tom Atherton

A new year comes with new ambitions and resolutions, promises we make to achieve personal progression.

These promises though are all too frequently broken, and the only loser of that deal-breaker is you. Although new years resolutions are not the only goals we make throughout the year, it may be a generally universal moment goals are made and time for reflection is made. But why is it then new year resolutions, and personal goals in general are so difficult to keep, and what does it mean to achieve, or not to achieve, those goals?

“Self-reflection is like using a mirror; best done head on.”

The final chapter of the year that is December grants us the moment to think and reflect on the year that has been. It is important to reflect on moments of success and failure to understand where your next step of progression may be. Focusing on only positive or negative experiences will lead to a skewed perception of your own ability and reality, so when taking the time to think about yourself ensure a wholesome viewpoint is taken!

There are some things along our paths that are out of our control and cannot be helped, whilst others problems are only perceived to be that way. Perception of the problem therefore becomes an important aspect of reflection. Am I taking multiple viewpoints into account? How may my own beliefs be limiting my understanding and problem solving abilities. Reflection, no matter the significance of the subject, can allow new perspective and insight into the different areas of our lives.

Introspection itself is not an easy task. It requires critical thought upon your own actions and consider why you chose to do things this way. Hindsight is a powerful tool and a fickle mistress! Capable of granting situational wisdom and yet only available after the fact. But through her touch we learn and I suppose this is what this blog is all about. Learning from your experiences, the mistakes and the fortune, and to question all aspects in an open-minded manner.

My own experiences from this year have been many and varied, including starting my new job in recruitment two months ago! This has been a ‘game-changer’ in my life. A whole world of experiences have flooded through from this single factor alone and many of them have been challenging and not all have been accomplished. I won’t publish my hardships or success stories online, however through my own reflection I hope to come to new understandings and wisdom for the coming year.

Cya ’18

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