Job-ready program

With Bianca Clifton & Emma Egan

This program will ensure that your personal brand is 100% complete and is working effectively for you in your job search.

Your resume, LinkedIn profile and your pitch will all be fine tuned to give you the best chance at success.

You can then approach your job search with complete confidence that you are representing yourself in the best possible way.

Get advice from the people you’ll be looking to impress in your job search. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and know exactly what it takes to get noticed and get through.

What will it involve?

  • A 2 hour coaching session where we will log into your LinkedIn account, to ensure you have a profile that gets noticed and represents you in the best way
  • We will go through your resume, and will advise you how you can create an up to date resume including all of the keywords that will get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters
  • Ever clam up when you’re asked “tell me about yourself?” – we will work on a pitch that will see you nailing this question and set the tone for your interview

Total cost $395

Who to contact