Transformation program

With Noa Rein

Being an adult seems like a setup, doesn’t it? Does it feel at times like someone rearranged the furniture while you were sleeping and put a cabinet where the door once was? Made you stub your toe…

Our executive and group coaching program is a bespoke experience of personal transformation. Let us explain.

We join our clients as partners to this journey of adulting. Adulting is a verb. The rules of adult life seem to be invisible and ever changing. The two reasons we use the term ‘Adulting’ rather than career, leadership or role specific terms:

  • You are a mature, capable, whole being experiencing the world. We coach the whole you.
  • We see such a remarkable difference in the support we give to children as they become themselves. Yet in our adult stage, we have designed those support relationships out of our day to day. To us, this makes no sense.

To our coaching programs we bring a combination of all the self-help books, research on human behaviour, mentors, high school coaches (the good ones) and your Nanna’s sound life advice. Bespoke to you.

In the program

  • We meet you where you are
  • We join you in discovering where you want to go
  • We unearth the barriers and habits that have become the way
  • We loud and proud the strengths and capabilities that carry you
  • We imagine the you you’d like to meet
  • We play, learn, sit in discomfort and grow

Our philosophy is best said by Rumi “It’s your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.” We, at Spark & Rumble Consulting, will walk with you. No judgement. Tool box ready. Excited at your discovery.

Why it’s beneficial

Imagine yourself at your best:

  • Owning your story
  • Moving from a place of integrity, awareness, pro-activeness
  • Access to tools and ability to apply to adulting scenarios
  • Resilient muscles and agile stance
  • Expanded version of yourself

Now imagine what that would mean for your career, relationships, home life, your health.

How do we do it?

Applied wisdom.

We take from a wide array of knowledge sources in psychology, sociology, strategy, behavioural economics and organisational behavior and apply them to your story. As it is a bespoke experience, which adapts to where you are, the application is specific to time and person.

We are guided by our transformational milestones: See, Think, Design, Play.

What does it look like?

  • Intro Space: coffee is on me. No cost. Only risk is the coffee quality (tea optional)
  • Transforming Space: You define the pace; online or face to face (6 x 90 min sessions)
  • Check-in Space: Accountability buddy, advice, support, sharing recipes. It’s your space (6 x 30 min sessions)
  • Resource abundance: Access to a wide array of resources adapted to you

Why trust us with your transformation?

Spark & Rumble Consulting was born out of the joy of being human and the acute awareness of how messy, confusing and downright frustrating that human experience is. It is the most exhilarating and WTF experience out there.

Noa, has spent the last 20 years (or so) researching, teaching, working and leading human behaviour in organisations. She has experience and expertise in designing spaces for good, decision making, ethical behaviour, organisational design and all things leadership.

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