The journey

Special events, causes close to our hearts, our people and other significant memories along this journey.

Donating for Bushfire Relief

Thank you so much to everyone battling the unprecedented blazes across Australia. The firefighters and wildlife rescuers in particular.

Merry Christmas!

We invited a few of our amazing clients and candidates over for a cozy Christmas lunch.

The Big Move

On 21st November, Joseph announced that he will be moving back to NZ with his family and he will still be actively involve in all his businesses in Australia. There will be some changes within the group so keep an eye on Sterning for 2020, as it will be another exciting year for us!

What is Agile HR?

To help us better understand the terminology and buzzwords of the HR world, we invited in Melissa Di Cristoforo an Agile HR trainer.

Cloudy’s Idea of a Farewell

Claudia has left Australia, and even though she is no longer physically here, she will still be working for Sterning back in Singapore!

How to Identify Risks

Thanks Paul Gordon for an informative Purpose event on identifying risks within organisations.

Mini Golf for Charity

Had our own mini-golf mini-bonding session with a few of the crew to raise money for Headspace.

Growth of Sterning Engineering

Look who has joined our Sterning Engineering team in Perth! Let’s welcome Paul O'Neill ... on the left.

Artificial Intelligence

What an insightful night with John Shea who gave us a deep yet simplified understanding of how AI works!

Meet Dr Mark Cross

For this Purpose event, we invited leading psychiatrist Dr Mark Cross (from ABC TV show, Changing Minds) to discuss how we can all create mentally healthy workplaces.

New Maleny office

We're up and running in Maleny, Queensland. We like working in paradise.

What’s the future of screens?

Our first Purpose event of the year with the wonderful James Stanton. James demonstrated the advancement of technology, and explained what we can expect to see in the near future.

Joseph meets Ray Dixon

It’s an honour to have Mudburra elder, Ray Dixon join us for Purpose to discuss the issues facing indigenous youth and their culture.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all! The office seems a little quiet to welcome the new year, most of us are overseas enjoying the holidays.

Sterning brand refresh

Not only is it time to say goodbye to 2018, it's also time to say goodbye to our old Sterning brand identity. This is our new Sydney office sign!

X’mas lunch with the Team

Ending 2018 on a high note with the Sydney team, it was a lovely Christmas lunch together. A little too lovely for a couple of people we believe...

Secret Santa

HOHO Merry Christmas! We've decided to have a secret Santa for this year's Christmas.. But it's not that secret after all :)

Dinner at Chiswick Woollahra

What a wonderful night spent with everyone! Sterning is not just a business, it's about all of us :)

Welcome to Tom Atherton

Let's welcome our Tassie boy to our Sydney team! Working closely with Nakul, Tom's all about data and analytics.

Discussion about Parental Leave

What an insightful evening. This Purpose event was a small discussion group lead by Rebecca Grainger on pregnancy discrimination and the struggles of returning to work after maternity leave.

Introducing Kate Tones

In this Purpose event, Kate Tones demonstrated the work Merivale has been doing to digitise their HR department.

Sterning HR grows

Sterning HR grows with our latest addition to the team in Sydney, Bianca Clifton (the one on the left!).

We welcome Nick Berman

We welcome Nick the bearded Berman who joins us to get a Sterning Design office happening in Brisbane.

We Launch New Brand: Sterning Design

Specialising in all things design and production within agency, media and in-house environments - we launch a new brand, Sterning Design.

Helping a Farmer in Need

We were contacted by a farmer who was suffering terribly from the drought. He also asked for a bit of marketing help. We shipped him 1 tonne of chicken feed, hooked him up with a new marketing strategy, a rebrand and collateral.

Neuroscience Meets Creativity

Purpose continues! Where do neuroscience and creative development meet? We invited Kirsty Carr and Dr Kaushik Ram to find out.

Happy End of Financial Year

With great food, cocktails and AMAZING people. We gathered to celebrate the EOFY and welcome in FY18-19!

We run our second Purpose event

We invited financial advisor, Ben Nash to help our jobseeker community with money management.

Paul Egan Joins Us

Paul Egan joins us to run our first Sterning Logistics license. It's not by coincidence we have two Egan's in the business, he's Emma's father!

New Year, New Division

We decided to move into blue collar recruitment across warehousing, manufacturing and logistics. Hello Sterning Logistics! *Not a real lightbox.

We run our first Purpose event

We hold our first ever Purpose event with the wonderful Elsa Pahnke on the Culture of the Mind.

We launch ‘Purpose’

Focused on helping people upskill both professionally and personally, the events are recorded for our Purpose podcast.

A Different Sort of Christmas Party

Instead of a Christmas party, this year we thought we'd buy and wrap gifts for families less financially fortunate than our own.

Sam Elderfield Does Movember

Sam Elderfield or Ron Burgundy? Congratulations Sam on completing Movember, with a rather impressive mo!

Sterning IT Continues to Grow

We welcome Sam Elderfield to our team in Sydney! Sam specialises in developers.

We Did a Beach Clean Up

Some of our amazing team, friends and families got involved in a beach clean up we organised with them in Sydney.

Claudia Koh Joins the Team

Claudia (middle) joins our team. She recently graduated with a degree in Accounting from Macquarie University.

We Hold Our First Meetup

The Real Recruiters of Sydney... Our first meetup kicks off and we're in good company. An awesome bunch of agency recruiters plus internal recruiters from Uber, SAP and Canva.

Sterning IT Grows

Nakul Pednekar joins us from Motion Recruitment in Sydney. Nakul will be driving our growth into data science and analytics.

Sydney Office Gets a Makeover

We decide it's time to freshen things up so we give our HQ a bit of a makeover. There were a surprising amount of suits and shoes that belonged to nobody.

Sterning HR Launches

Emma Egan joins us to launch Sterning HR. Emma is ex-Hays but came to us from HR Partners which is a Randstad company.

You Appear to Be Pregnant

Pretty definitive, we think. An exciting time at Sterning as Joseph and his wife Talia announce they're having a baby.

We Make Our First Movie

We wanted to make a movie to show people what it was like to be a part of Sterning, so we did... Our resident triathlete leisurely walking down for a surf.

Our Digital Improvements Begin

We begin work improving our digital marketing and working with new technologies. Content is king and generating new, relevant and interesting content can be loads of fun.

We Start Work in Engineering Sales

Sam Suddese joins us to head sales engineering. Sam is another ex-Hays recruiter and operates from our Perth office.

Holiday Time for All

By this point it was time for a nice long holiday, so we all went our separate ways for a few weeks of relaxation.

We’ll Take Any Opportunity for a Cake

We have no idea who's birthday it was, all we know is it was another opportunity for CAKE! Adriano Zumbo may need to come up with a few more recipes.

Sterning IT Launches

Mark Harrison joins us from Finite to launch Sterning IT. Mark's an adventurer right to the core. It's quite likely that right now he is somewhere in the jungles of Borneo.

Donations Come in from All Over

Merz Food Bank gets loads of support from awesome Australian companies. Big shout out to Preshafruit and Carman's Kitchen.

We Launch a Pop-Up Food Bank

Short on time but really wanting to give something back, Joseph also launches a 'pop-up' food bank. In just a few weeks we manage to feed a few thousand hungry Sydneysiders.

We Open a Perth Office

With Ben joining us in Perth, there are a couple of other interested recruiters there too. It's time to grow roots in Perth.

Sterning Engineering Launches

We get our first Perth-ian, Ben Lyons. Ben will drive Sterning Engineering across WA. He came to us from Marble Recruitment and lives a secret life as a triathlete.

Sterning Sales Launches

Chris Hunter joins us from his previous role at ADVIZA. Now with Sterning he launches us into the chemical sales sector.

Sterning Healthcare Launches

The healthcare boys arrive. Pete Wildman and Mark Hampton come on board to launch Sterning Health! Pete is ex-Hays and came to us from Primary Health Care in Sydney.

Kathy Hamilton Joins

The first person through the door is our new Financial Controller. Kathy brings a wealth of experience and helps us keep the books immaculate.

A Bit of Midnight Motivation

It's a quote that Joseph has always liked but in reality, success in business comes down to these three things: passion, timing and good old-fashioned hard work.

We Open Our Sydney Office

Hello Sydney! Or Surry Hills to be exact. We open our doors at 35 Buckingham Street. Now we just need to fill up this space with Sydney's top recruitment talent.

We Get All Official

We transition from 'just an idea' to an actual entity. Still so much to do... Watch this space!

A Few Coders, some Ramen, and a Dream

Not quite. But it did come about with a few late night conversations on how we could improve the way recruiters worked and the experience candidates and clients had.