Our distributive business model

Work for yourself, but not by yourself. Beat the odds by building your recruitment business alongside our tried and tested business model.

Low capital

Our simple and all-inclusive fees make it easy to get started, with no need for a lot of startup capital.

Your billings

We are distributive to the core, that means our licensees earn anywhere between 88% and 92% of their billings.

Group marketing

Partake in our group marketing strategy, like Purpose webinars that create unique and valuable content.

Work anywhere

Manage email, documents, calendar, candidates and clients from anywhere in the world with secure cloud-based systems.

Limit your risk

We average an 88% to 91% start-up success rate, far higher than the 3% to 5% average of going it alone.

Stay ahead

From SEO to structured data, we ensure our strategies are well ahead of the curve and ready for changes in the market.

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